Quality Accreditations

Management System Certifications

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Mansfield Crushing maintains an implemented Integrated Management System, this system is certified to meet the requirements contained within both Australian/New Zealand and International standards. Quality Management Systems – ISO 9001: 2015, Environmental Management Systems – ISO 14001: 2015, Occupational Health & Safety – AS/NZS 4801: 2001

Quality Assurance

Quality Management is part of Mansfield Crushing Pty Ltd commitment to a focus on fulfilling customers quality requirements together with applicable regulatory requirements, while aiming to enhance customer satisfaction and achieve continual improvement of our performance in pursuit of these objectives.

Environmental Management

Key to our vision for the future are the "Environmental Management Systems" that we have put in place. We have historically and are committed in continuing to put in place processes to minimize harmful effects on the environment caused by our activities, and to continual improvement of our environmental performance and restoration works.

Occupational Health & Safety Management

Mansfield Crushing Pty Ltd priority is to provide a safe workplace for all our people, along with all those who come into contact with our works. Safety is a focal point of everything we do, and this focus is well supported by our Occupational Health and Safety Management System, this system is certified to meet the requirements contained within AS/NZS 4801: 2001 – OHS Management system. This has enabled us to formulate a system which takes into account legislative requirements and information about OHS risk.

Our safety system applies to those OHS hazards and related risks over which we as an organization may exert control and over which we can be expected to have an influence.

This safety management system assist us to:

  • Identify, assess and control OHS risks;

  • Implement preventative and corrective action;

  • Maintain certification / registration of our Management system;

  • Audit the effectiveness of our systems for best practice and continual improvement; and

  • Provide a healthy and safe workplace.